Why Your System Needs To Support Bluetooth

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If you're in the market for a system solution, you already know there are many options to consider. Which features do you prioritize, and what are your absolute must-haves? When vetting various Systems, don't overlook the importance of Bluetooth compatibility.

Connect wirelessly

It's a good idea to cover your bases when it comes to your System. Bluetooth- will expand the devices capabilities by wireless streaming options.

Bluetooth allows you to stream music and other media from your smartphone or mobile device and play it from your system wirelessly. The sheer number of devices that support Bluetooth means you have endless opportunities to connect wireless media players to your system.

Bluetooth works reliable 

Bluetooth connections don't rely on Wi-Fi, allowing you to reliably and conveniently stream music and media from nearby devices when your wireless networks won't cooperate.

Bluetooth or Wi-Fi?

One big misconception people have about buying a system is that they have to choose between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. There's no reason you can't have both. The Denon CEOL N10, for instance, features Bluetooth compatibility along with dual band Wi-Fi wireless connectivity. It even comes equipped with an advanced dual diversity antenna RF transceiver system to ensure you get the best streaming quality possible, even in congested wireless networks.

The best systems offer a wide range of connection options, which is why Denon products support Bluetooth as minimum, but often Wi-Fi too and even digital inputs. Wireless or wired, Denon has what you need to create an incredible audio experience.


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