Nová aplikace pro ovládání AVR-3311, jednoduše a komfortně pomocí iPod Touch nebo iPhone

zář 25, 2010

From now on using the AVR-3311 will be even more easy and convenient. Using our new free of charge Denon Remote App, which you can download in the App Store, you can control all functions of the AVR-3311. Whether you want to adjust the volume or change options deep in the setup menu, the Denon Remote App always offers exactly the interface you really need.

When using the extensive network features of the AVR-3311 you are going to love the bidirectional functions of the Denon Remote App. No matter if you play one of the countless internet radio stations, stream music or photos, or use another integrated music service, you always have all necessary information at your fingertips. You can select songs directly on the display of your iPod touch or iPhone and see the ID3 tags and Album Art of your music. If you use your AVR-3311 in a multi zone configuration you will be delighted that you now can control the AVR-3311 from everywhere in your house, as long as the AVR-3311 and your iPod are connected to the same network.

To use the Denon Remote App with your AVR-3311 you just have to download it from the App Store and update your AVR-3311 to the latest firmware. But even if you do not own an AVR-3311 yet, you can already have a look at the features of the App. Just download it and use the integrated demo mode.