Denon mikro systémy jsou stále těmi, které je třeba porazit podle What Hi-Fi? Cen za zvuk a obraz 2012.

říj 22, 2012

​Denon has been the boss of the micro system market for many years and it would seem this legacy is set to continue as he D-M39DAB is awarded "Best Micro System" in the What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Awards 2012.

The D-M38DAB held the title last year and the D-M39DAB has turned up just in time to take the honours once more. 

Building on the success of its predecessor, the D-M39DAB has extra functionality to offer an impressive overall sound, making Denon's micro system the one to beat once again. According to the review "It's controlled with dynamic readings, yet still delivers power, while more detailed tracks are delivered with subtlety. Vocals are clear and bass lines are agile and fast."

For more information check out the full review here.